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Werewolf in a Men's Prison 🐯

Good news: a judge pushing back against hate-your-sex-life obscenity laws!

Better news: by reading werewolf porn and deciding “well that’s not so bad”!

The Atlantic Wire reports, in an article that you will not regret reading:

Andres Martinez, serving time for attempted murder and robbery at the Secured Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison in California, is free to read his werewolf-human erotica novel, according to a decision handed down by the First District Court of Appeal. […] prison officials confiscated the book, calling it obscene, because it contains sexually explicit passages and “advocates violence.” […] The case also pushes back on obscenity standards in its analysis of the value of the overall text, making it more difficult to label a written work as obscene. In short, more justices might have to read, think about, and write opinions on werewolf erotica.

I am in favor of basically all of this, as a reader and writer of werewolf smut. :D