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The Avatar of Queerness 🐯

here are some avatars i was commissioned to create for the gaymerconnect forums. a friend of mine suggested that the existing avatars that users had to choose from all skewed male—androgynous male, yeah, but as a trans woman she wasn’t comfortable wearing that as an avatar. so, i tried to fill in the blanks with a bunch of feminine, femme and genderqueer identities.

I really like where Pixelante went with this—this is some actual visual diversity here. Make sure to check out the rest at the linked page!

Self-representation in digital media is an ongoing and open problem: I don’t expect it to ever be solved any more than the broader question of identity, but it’s got an openness to experimentation in ways that weren’t possible before, and I find that very appealing. It’s also worked out very well for me personally: I wouldn’t be the kitty I am if not for the potential offered by digital media.