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NaNoWriMo 2016 #2: About Owners 

Here I am, taking on a November writing project again. If you haven’t seen me do this before, here’s what I do. I don’t have a novel in me right now, so for NaNoWriMo I just do as many short stories as I can. I use the social momentum and recognition of NaNoWriMo to push myself to spend a lot of time writing and to explain to others what I’m doing. As with the novels people produce during NaNo, I try to be very forgiving towards myself and my work; it is okay to just drop an idea when I get stuck and move on to the next story.

This is another installment of this year’s project. It’s centered around a hyena boy with a big ol' kink for sissy-play getting commandingly fucked. Content note: slurs.

When the sun through the blinds woke him, Faije straddled hir belly. Wagging his tail and resting his paws on hir shoulders, he nuzzled up from the top of hir breasts to hir throat and jaw, gently headbutting hir muzzle from beneath as shi batted at him. Quiet laughs rose from Chaiax’s massive chest as shi pushed hirself up on hir elbows, giving him a bite and a kiss in quick succession. Faije threw his arms around hir thick neck, surrendering to hir kiss. Shi leaned on one arm, hir other around the diminutive hyena.

Someone woke up frisky,” the huge tiger-dragon chuckled, smiling widely. “Last night was really good,” he said with a blush, ears flicking as he sat back, hands in his lap. “Thank you again.” A pause. “Thank you, Mistress?”

The big hybrid stroked his back, smiling and nodding.

“You know, we’ve been doing this for a while and I dig how it’s been working out. So let’s talk about that. Over breakfast, though — I’m hungry as fuck.”

Faije nodded eagerly, wiggling his soft rump against hir and wagging his tail. It struck something, and he looked over his shoulder, then shivered.

“Fuck. I’m still not used to how huge you are. I was wondering what my tail hit that was so heavy and it was your cock.”

“You say things like that and I want to throw you down and fuck you just to make sure you remember!” A smirk, a pointed look. “Is that what you’re aiming for, you insatiable spotty bitch?”

Faije blushed in a way that made hir roll over on top of him for another kiss, hir tongue invading his muzzle. Heavy hands pinned his wrists as shi growled deeply — he closed his eyes and sucked on hir tongue, moaning softly, squirming just a little to confirm how helpless he was under the huge predator. He raised his legs, squeezing them against hir thighs as shi rocked back and forth.

Long moments later, shi rolled off of him, stood, and offered him a hand. He took it, was pulled, stood, and then yelped as shi took another grasp on him and threw him over hir shoulder ass-up and head-down. At hir touch, he cooperatively shook his ass and got felt up all the way to the kitchen.

Shi made breakfast with him quietly, both clad in nothing but aprons. He had to tug a footstool from place to place to conveniently reach the counters of the huge draco-feline’s kitchen. It in turn made it convenient for hir to reach him, intermittent caresses laid on him, the hyena returning the gestures when shi was within reach. Soon they sat side by side, looking out the window, consuming eggs, sausages, and savory roughage.

Chaiax smiled as Faije reached over and absently trailed his fingers down hir densely muscled forearm. Shi turned hir hand over as he reached it, giving his a gentle squeeze.

“Precious puppy,” shi rumbled, leaning over to nuzzle his ears.

“Big strong tigerdragon,” he cooed.

“Would you like to talk more about what you’re feeling, Faije?” shi asked, stressing his name for a moment.

He nodded slowly, hugging hir arm, nosing against it, closing his eyes for a minute to savor the feel of hir fur on his muzzle and against his nose.

“Yeah. I had a dream about Darja last night — did I ever tell you about him?”

“Hmmm — I think I remember that name as an ex-boyfriend or as someone who got you into kink?”


“Ah, thanks for clarifying. What about him?”

“He was the first time I’d run into the idea that some people just choose to be eunuchs, do the needful, and move on with their life. Good role model that way. The dream was about you and him and me. I dreamed that you’d been the one to claim him, rather than him doing it to himself, and he was showing off, telling me how good it was, telling me I should surrender to you.” A shiver. “I begged. It was pretty hot.”

Shi reached around with hir free hand, rubbing his nape.

“Ah. So, lots of thoughts about being your in-scene sissy-bitch-yeen self on more of a full-time basis?”

He nodded, hiding his face against hir bicep for a minute. Shi could feel his blush.

“There was a bit of the dream where he was masturbating in this way I saw him do pretty often when I was living with him: he’d slip a chubby bullet vibe into his sheath, close it up with a little surgical tape, and the vibe would buzz right against his nub and he’d rub over it on the outside.”

A soft, hungry growl.


“Yeah. Part of why I saw it a bunch is that he’d do it with me watching, he’d do it at me. Legs spread, showing off, taunting me — I was really into chastity-cage stuff then — telling me exactly how desperate I’d have to be before I got my cock loose.”

Shi gave him a surprised glance. He looked up at hir, then raised a finger, shaking it in realization.

“Oh — I get it! You thought he was someone different because I talked about a dom that got me into kink stuff. No, no, that was him. He went back and forth. There were plenty of people he liked being subby for, and sometimes we’d just cuddle and fantasize about being some stud’s pets together. But he topped me on the regular and liked it quite a bit, he was absolutely the dom in that relationship.”

“I guess I had a blind spot about that,” shi conceded, rubbing hir chin. “Jeeze. Now that I’m looking at it directly, that was goddamn ridiculous of me: whether or not someone wants to top or has dominance urges is pretty damn thoroughly separate from the shape of their body.”

* * *

“How much someone wants or needs to be a dom has nothing to do with the shape of their body,” Darja drawled, flexing a flogger in gloved hands.

Faije nodded, making a noncommittal noise through his ball-gag. His wrists were cuffed behind his back, and he knelt with his thighs spread. Darja grinned, swinging the flogger lazily, then letting its tip drift up and tease the gleaming steel cage locked around Faije’s sheath and fat nuts. He shuddered, pulling in a breath and closing his eyes — but the blow to his groin that followed was almost a tap. Still, the spikes inside the cage forced his prick to retreat moments later.

Darja reached down and casually fondled the silicone cock that swayed obscenely from his strap-on harness.

“You know, I’ve been using these for long enough that having a big ol' dick feels pretty normal when I’m wearing it, even though I know intellectually that it’s not part of my body. What I keep getting a buzz of newness from, though, is these.”

He demonstratively jostled the hefty artifical scrotum beneath his cock, noting how the other hyena’s eyes followed it.

“Feels pretty good, let me tell you, pret-ty good, to be able to adjust these big ol' balls any time I please.” A smirk. “Or to have you adjust them — with your tongue, of course. Treat ‘em like they’re more important than yours, because they are.”

Another blow from the flogger, sudden and harsh, leaving Faije squealing and yipping through the ball-gag, his head hanging. With a chuckle, Darja pulled Faije’s head up by the strap of the gag, pushing his nose into the musky divot under the monstrous equine cock, lips on the velvety pouch around Darja’s balls. The artificial cock drooled cum-lube down his back from its internal tube.

“Do you want your mouth unlocked, faggot? Do you want to try and fit this into your throat? Do you want it badly enough to beg for it?”

“Please,” he groaned around the ball-gag, drooling through the holes in it.

“I can’t hear you clearly,” Darja taunted. “Louder, pup.”

When Faije inhaled to try again, Darja shifted around and dragged his flare across Faije’s forehead, the slimy, milky trail it left dribbling down his brow and muzzle. He whimpered.


“There we go.” He loosened the strap, then pulled the ball most of the way out of Faije’s muzzle. “Please what?”

“Please fuck my throat,” Faije panted, feeling the cage’s spikes digging into his cock again.

* * *

“The sex was pretty damn good,” Faije reminisced, “but we didn’t click as far as the actual relationship part. Plus, that motherfucker never in the entire time I knew him did his own dishes.”

Chaiax raised an eyebrow at the heated tone in his voice. He laughed hollowly.

“I mean — forgive me for sucking up, but that’s a thing I like about you: you do really well at not assuming that because I’m your sub, I’m your houseboy too.”

“Thank you,” shi said drily. “I do worry about that a bit in the context of turning up the intensity dial, though.”

“About what particularly? Dishes?”

“More about me taking shit for granted. I’m always suspicious of that; I’m suspicious because I’ve fucked up at that a lot in my life.” Shi smiled, leaning down to kiss his ears. “And I like you a lot, so I’m wary at the thought of fucking up when it comes to you and your place in my life.”

He leaned into hir touch as shi scrubbed his back with hir fingertips, then tugged hir hand around and kiss-nuzzled along hir scaly inner arm to hir wrist and palm. Shi casually flexed hir talons.

“Thank you.”

Shi snuffled at the top of his head.

“I’m definitely open to twiddling with the intensity dial. Calling me by kink titles on the regular is a good place to start, even though I do have small hang-ups about it. Easy to turn the dial up or down from there. I like things like that, where you can adjust the intensity real easy.”

“Yeah, totally. So I’ll call you Mistress, like, casually?”

“That, that’s actually the hang-up right there. A bunch of gendered titles don’t quite work for me just because gendered, and then there’s also stuff about them that’s more to do with my particular hang-ups. Without going into the whole thing right this moment — please call me Owner.”

He nodded solemnly.

“Thank you for expressing that clearly, Owner; I’ll do that.”

Flexing hir talons, shi gently scritched his chin.

“Good puppy. You can call me that casually, at your discretion. Once in a while I’ll prompt you. And are there particular terms for you I should use or avoid using?”

“Can you call me your boyfriend?” he asked shyly.

“I can definitely do that.”

He squeezed himself against hir, hugging hir arm, half climbing into hir lap. Shi helped him the rest of the way, wrapping hir arms around him protectively. He burrowed against hir, nudging the top of his head against the furry fringe on hir jaw, kissing the scales on hir throat.

“Please do that.”

“No problem, cute boyfriend yeen.”

* * *

Faije was blindfolded and draped over Darja’s lap, face-down on the couch, wrists unbound but folded behind his back again. Darja caressed his ass with one hand, lazily spanking him, watching his rump jiggle and his anus quiver around the thick toy in it.

“Pretty sissyspots,” he cooed. “You are coming along with your training so well, you’ve got such a charming, easily-gaped boi-pussy.”

“Thank you,” he groaned.

Darja reached down and gently squeezed his balls, hand wrapping around the other hyena’s scrotum.

“Mmmm. Bet you can’t wait for someone big and virile to come along and relieve you of these,” he said in a slow, sing-song voice. “Bet you can’t wait for us to be hypnotized bitches together, shooting blanks for a potent Master.” Faije whimpered. Darja leaned down and nipped his scruff gently. “Gonna be lovely to fuck you once you’re properly sissified,” he crooned. “Kiss you, rub my chest against yours, grind our empty sheaths together. Tell each other what we taste when we’re swallowing Master’s dick.”

“God yes. Working his dick over together, getting tongues and lips all over it, kissing around it.” “Three-way makeouts between you, me, and a massive slab of cock.” “Drinking from a bowl of jizz together.” “Tongue-cleaning it off each other’s faces.” “Bent over side by side, tails up, showing off our puffy, perma-gaped assholes.” “Kneeling side by side, gagging on monster cocks together, just able to see each other right in the corner of the eye, hear each other’s voices as they throat-fuck us all rough and savage.” Darja rubbed along his perineum firmly and slowly, fingertips sliding back and forth from the base of the toy to his scrotum and back. With his other hand, he added slow, rough spanks, prompting moans from Faije, the intact hyena relaxing further and further.

“Hnnnnffff. Do you have anyone in mind to come collar us both and make us his bitches?”

“Not really. I might bail for a while and look for one for myself.”

“Wait, what? What the hell?”

“I kinda need that? I need a dom. I like what we’ve got, but no, I don’t really want to settle down in this kind of relationship, I want to have this kind of thing on the side or have some kind of poly thing going that includes this. You know, like we spend a lot of time talking about.”

Faije brought his arms around, leaned on his elbows, and covered his face with his hands.

“No, that is not what I thought we were talking about,” he snapped. “I thought we talk about mutual-sub stuff as, like, a pleasant thing that could happen but if it doesn’t we keep doing what we’re doing and that’s chill.”

“Well… no.”

He turned, weight on one arm, glaring at Darja, and found him glaring back indignantly.

* * *

“I don’t hear that title a lot, though,” he admitted, “so I’m gonna ask you to expand on it even though I’ve got a guess. What does ‘Owner’ mean to you?”

Shi leaned back in hir chair, still holding him against hirself, staring into space contemplatively. Their aprons were hung over the chair’s back, leaving their bodies pressed warmly together.

“That’s actually a really good question. Is it okay if I just kinda wander around and poke at it for a while?”

“Go for it.”

“I will. So. Part of why I like Owner/pet as a relationship model is that it’s possible to do badly at it. Or to do well, since they go together. With no hate towards people who are making it work for them — it’s a lot trickier to talk about being bad at, like, Mistress/slave stuff, that kind of relationship. It’s modeled on a coercive power relationship that you can’t really be good or bad at. When I say you’re my pet, though, people have an image in their head of people being good or bad at that. Being good at it means less fear and coercion and more training and affection.”

Faije nodded, making himself comfortable in hir lap, sighing as hir heavy hand slid down his back from time to time.

“Plus it implies, like, this back-and-forth. You’re not disposable to me. I care about you; I care a lot about you. The way some people do it, caring about your sub, being invested in them, having intense emotions about them that you can’t necessarily control, is an intolerable form of vulnerability. That vulnerability is what makes the whole thing click for me, though. What I get out of that vulnerability — which, shit, it’s uncomfortable because that’s just inherent in vulnerability — what I get out of it is a feeling of being secure in owning you. I have plenty of intense emotions about you and I can’t necessarily control them. I crave to own you, to collar you, to have you kneeling and kissing my hands. You can see how much I want you, see my desire to make you a happy, treasured pet. That’s a form of control you have over me, and yeah, someone really hardcore might find that unacceptable. For me, though, it gives me a secure, meaningful sense of owning you that I can’t get by being aloof.”

“I could do some of that right now,” he suggested. “I like kissing your hands, noticing how you can just wrap your whole hand around my muzzle.”

Shi laughed gently, wrapping one hand over his muzzle for a moment.

“Let me think through this, spottybitch boyfriend.” He kissed hir palm and nodded, his ears perking up attentively as shi continued. “I want to own you — and particularly, I want to own you at your best. I want you to be improved by being my pet; I want to support you as you build yourself. I crave to have my collar around your most fully realized, happiest self. On top of wanting that for its own sake, just because you’re a person and you deserve self-actualization, I trust that that version of you is still interested in being my pet, and I know that if you are that self, you can feel safe and happy in being owned because your life is in good order, you have your needs met.”

“Oh,” he said quietly, palms on hir biceps. “Oh, huh. I’m… not used to that.”

Shi nodded, touching noses with him.

“You see how it kinda loops around. When things reach that point, I get to have this really amazing confidence and security in things. I get to have the comfort of feeling like I’m doing a good job and the dom-thrill of ‘my pet is loyal to me and earnestly, of their own will, wants to make me happy and be a good pet for me’. For me, the coercive-model relationships fall apart because of not having that. There’s this fear of, what if I’m actually fucking with them and not realizing it, or what if they’re not into it and just going through the motions. I think that comes from trying to not have an emotional investment in someone you’re in a relationship with. You can’t get that stuff for free, you can’t get a loyal, adoring, eager sub for free. You have to go through the vulnerability, you have to invest yourself.”

He knocked his knuckles on hir shoulder lightly.

“Is that why you don’t like calling me slurs?”

“Pretty much. Even in-scene, I don’t want to say something with the subtext of ‘you don’t matter to me, you’re disposable’ — it clashes hard with this stuff I’m telling you about. I need to tell you that you’re valued as a pet. Which is why stuff like ‘fag princess’ is completely fine.”

“I think I get it.” He nodded, then frowned and looked up. “Wait, you’re talking like you had a relationship where this was going on. Why aren’t you still in that one?”

Shi jerked hir head back, flinching and looking away. Hir hands withdrew in a jerky motion, and shi crossed them over hir chest. A tight-lipped scowl followed.

“Remember, a few minutes ago, I said I’d fucked up a lot?”

He slowly winced.


A pause. Shi inhaled, then shook hir head, then spoke.


He gingerly touched hir shoulder with his fingertips.

“Do you want me to go clean up the dishes?”

Hir jaw tensed visibly, then relaxed. A sigh.

“No. Just, please let it be okay to not explain my fuck-ups right this moment?”

“It is okay to not explain your fuck-ups right this moment,” he repeated back.

“Thank you.” Shi turned hir face back towards him, grimacing, unfolding hir arms, making a sad laugh. “Did I mention that vulnerability is really difficult?”

“It’s really, really difficult,” he concurred.

“Most days I do okay at believing that I might be able to build something like that again — that I haven’t permanently fucked up.” Shi leaned forward, hir hands on his thighs, licking his muzzle. “Trying to build something like that with you sounds really good. Could we do that?”

His tail lifted and wagged for a moment, and he smiled shyly. He put his hands on top of hirs, squeezing gently, leaning forward to nuzzle into hir licks.

“It does sound really good. I’d really like to be my best sissy-bitch self for you. For my Owner.”

* * *

He was panting, sniffling, crying a little. Hir huge hand cupped his head, hir thumb rubbing one ear. Shi leaned in and spoke quietly.

“Need a break?”

He leaned into hir touch, closing his eyes and taking deep breaths.

“Slow down for a bit?”

“No problem.”

Shi pushed hirself up again, shifting forward on hir knees to give him some slack in the short chains connecting his wrist-cuffs to the bed’s headboard. Hir prick flopped down on top of his, drooling in spurts onto his belly-fluff. Shi lifted his legs, caressed his stockings, and smiled archly at him.

“Look at that. Fat, heavy draconic dick lying over yours and just erasing it. Like that little sissy stub isn’t even there anymore.”

His legs quivered under hir hands, tensing and relaxing.

“Goes to show how you just need a proper cock to wrap that lovely tongue of yours around, doesn’t it, princess?”


Shi rocked back and forth, pressing heavy, scaly, twitching nuts against his rump as hir cock dribbled sticky precum, flexing in the air with hir heartbeat. Hir talons dug into him through the stockings, dense and black against the pink fabric.

“Or spreading that charmingly fuckable asshole of yours.”


“Oh? Is that the sound of sissy-yeen needing a powerful dracotiger knot conquering his asshole?”

“Please yes, please Owner, tame my asshole, conquer me, bitchify me.”

“Gosh, all that after you’ve just been guzzling down my cock and showing off how it makes your throat bulge? You are a greedy little bitch-yeen. No wonder I like you so much.”

Shi reached down and rubbed hir fingertips over the spearhead tip of hir cock, a strand of precum briefly following hir hand as it rose again. Shi made eye contact as shi reached for Faije, raising hir eyebrows curiously. He nodded firmly, then closed his eyes as shi wiped hir precum across his nose with the pad of hir thumb. Chaiax smiled hungrily as he shivered, hir lips pulling back from hir fangs.

“Owner marks me,” he whimpered.

“That’s right,” shi purred. “Marking my treasured bitch-princess yeen. Letting my scent march right into that nose of his and remind him how much he needs my cum.”

“I need your cum, Owner,” he repeated, nodding.

Shi leaned back, pushing on his legs, one hand on hir cock. Adjusting, shi slid hirself down, head pressing against his asshole, feeling it quiver.

“Need it bad?” shi growled.

“Need it so, so bad,” he groaned. “Please, Owner. Please. Fuck me, make me your impotent sissy, use me.”

Shi leaned into him, one hand on the bed beside him, making eye contact as shi eased heavy, unwieldly, monstrous dracotiger cock into his asshole. His lips quivered and his eyes widened as shi caught his attention.

“Just what you need,” shi whispered.

“Just what I need.”

“A potent Owner.”

“A potent Owner — god, so potent, please Owner…”

An abrupt shove, a snarl. Faije squealed, his toes spreading in the air. Hir cock was deep enough into him to remove hir hand, now on his head, digging fingers into his short shock of hair, pulling roughly.

“To tame you like you need.”

“Tame me like I need! I need to be tamed!”

With a snarl, shi broke eye contact, leaning in and biting the side of his neck. Short, sharp thrusts pushed curved, ridged, knotted dracotiger cock deep into him, hir sheath folding back as shi hilted in him. Hir hands scooped under him, claws digging into his back and making him howl. With hir head getting in the way of his looking down, all he could see were hir thick, curved horns moving as shi bit and kissed his neck. His legs kicked idly in the air. Chaiax groaned happily, savoring the squeeze of his asshole far down hir cock, the soft, sloppy warmth deeper inside him, the feel of hir unswollen knot teasing him. After a minute, shi raised hir head and growled, whiskers brushing the side of his head.

“It makes you want to surrender, doesn’t it? Surrender to that huge, hungry predator cock inside you. You’ve always known you ought to be an impotent, blanks-shooting sissy bitch. I bet you can’t keep yourself from imagining shrinking as I push into you — every inch of penetration taking some size off of you as you feel that predator cock sinking in, deeper and deeper, blatantly huge and potent, so clearly the kind of cock that makes yours disposable.”

He closed his eyes tight and nodded, his ass quivering around hir as he listened. Hir tongue, long and rough, caressed around his ear.

“I’m a sissy,” he groaned. “Owner’s cock is all that matters. I should be an impotent sissy, presenting my asshole and my empty sheath for Owner.”

Shi watched him focus on the image, hir eyes alight with hunger.

“Soon,” shi growled. “Rrrrrrrhhhhhhrrrr. You’re such a good bitch-yeen, such a good sissy-toy. Soon we’ll train you to feel those poor nuts shrinking when you’re in the presence of ultra-virile dracotiger nuts. Teach you what it feels like to have your cock shrinking, recognizing before you do that you’re in the presence of someone with real potency.”

He squealed at the suggestion, his thighs pressing against hir sides, his paws jerking in the air. Shi began to rut him again, putting hir weight on him, taloned toes digging into the bed with hir thrusts. Despite the words, his prick was a mess of thin, drooly precum, smearing it all over hir belly’s scales as shi pressed down onto him. Shi threw hirself into the frantic, bestial fucking for longer than the first time, then pushed hirself up again, huffing, hir shoulders shaking with adrenaline.

Shi made eye contact again, a flourishing gesture commanding his attention. Shi reached down with one huge paw, wrapping it around his prick, squeezing lightly. Hir other held his chin, commanding his gaze.

“Not just imagining yourself shrinking with penetration,” shi rumbled, “imagining yourself helpless to keep what you’ve got, shrinking as you get closer and closer to climax. Do you want to climax for Owner, sissy-pet?”

“Please yes, please Owner, climax for you,” he moaned.

Hir hand moved steadily on his prick as shi leaned back, finding a favorable angle for slow, steady thrusts into him.

“You want to climax for Owner, even though you know you’re going to have nothing but a nub?” shi taunted.

He practically sobbed, his arms waving, jerked back by the cuffs. “I want to climax for Owner! I want to be Owner’s sissy-fag pet!”

“You want to climax for Owner,” shi growled, “even as you feel yourself shrinking, softening, surrendering.”

Shi flexed hir tail smugly at his squealing, babbling pleas, hir hand moving on his prick and steadily picking up speed. He kicked from time to time, arching his back, pressing up against hir touch. Between thrusts, shi rubbed his belly. In hisses, shi reminded him of surrender, of impotence, of how overwhelming dracotiger cock was compared to his.

Arching his back and yipping in a quick, high cadence, he came all over hir hand and his own belly, his eyes still closed, his chest heaving. With a huff of effort, shi pulled out of him, then leaned in, hand on hir own cock as shi stared into his eyes. The panting, dazed hyena whimpered at hir, his eyes not quite focusing, his jaw hanging open.

Mine,” shi growled.


“My owned, precious bitch-yeen.”

“Yours, please, hff, Owner!”

He squirmed under hir, feeling hir hand moving more quickly.

“My owned, tamed, impotent sissy-yeen.”

“Yours, owned, tamed, impotent!”

Hir panting kept hir from starting another sentence — shi grimaced, hunched, then roared as shi straightened up, shoulders back, legs tensed. Hir cock erupted, delivering jet after jet of thick, heavy, rich spunk to splatter onto the hyena. Shi started with his belly, lingering there to erase his efforts, then left ribbons of dracotiger sperm on his chest, finally a few on his face, one drooling from the side of his muzzle as he whimpered.

Shi panted for a moment, grinning smugly at him. He nodded briefly, eyes wide, whimpering happily.

“Where’s your cum, sissy-yeen?” shi asked. “You made some really cute noises there; I’m pretty sure you came. Did you climax for me like a good spottybitch?”

“I did, Owner. I came for you.”

He fidgeted, thighs rubbing against hir, as shi smirked.

“Oh? But there certainly isn’t any hyena cum here, is there?”

Shi dragged hir forefinger across his belly, then presented it, wet and gooey, to his lips. As he sucked on it, wrapping his tongue around it eagerly, shi posed another question.

“Of course, there wouldn’t be if you’re a blanks-shooting sissy-yeen. It’d just be gone, wouldn’t it? It’d just be erased by all that heavy, powerful cum from your Owner.”

The vibration of his groan was easy to feel around hir finger. With hir other hand, shi reached around, talons digging into his scruff. Slurping off of hir finger, he panted, nodding shallowly. Shi coaxed him up, smiling.

“Spottypet. Is there anything you’d like to say?”

“Thank you, Owner,” he moaned, shaking.

The thanking continued until well after shi untied him and laid with him, holding him against hirself while adrenaline left his system, feeling him shiver, hearing his happy crooning.