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Eventually We Had More Ex-Bassists Than Audience Members 🐯

What’s it like being in a band that you think is amazing and everyone else is completely indifferent to? Well, it’s a lot like a job where you’re the laziest guy on the shift and everyone knows it; it’s not great, but it beats working. Except you’re working really hard and it sucks. And all your friends are getting promotions, and even if they eventually get dropped by their promotions, they at least got a taste and what did you get? First on a bill of three on a Tuesday night. Like your life, the analogy eventually falls apart.

Failure is something we all have to cope with. Sometimes I fail at coping with failure. So I have a distinct interest in reading interesting things about failure, and recently I found this account of failure from the lead singer of a band that, as I read it, died a quiet death mourned by very few. The ability to look directly at one’s own failures and critically assess them is a very important one, so reading someone else’s attempt to do that is instructive.