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Hidden Leaves 

Today I was reminded that the ‘90s are gone and cannot be recaptured.

It is said that what is called ‘the spirit of an age’ is something to which one cannot return. That this spirit gradually dissipates is due to the world’s coming to an end. In the same way, a single year does not have just spring or summer. A single day, too, is the same. For this reason, although one would like to change today’s world back to the spirit of one hundred years or more ago, it cannot be done. Thus it is important to make the best out of every generation. This is the mistake of people who are attached to past generations; they have no understanding of this point. On the other hand, people who only know the disposition of the present day and dislike the ways of the past are too lax. –Yamamoto Tsunemoto, Hagakure

Release the past: let not the past control the present, but rather, let it inform how you deal with the present. Being a prisoner of the unchanging, unpitying past, is a fate that you should not choose for yourself.