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About Me

I am Krinn; I am a writer, mother, engineer, pornographer, designer, negotiator, speculator, kinkster, and creator.

Writing is one of two things that I do when my time is my own; it is my calling, it is what I can’t not do. Motherhood is difficult and strange and has made me a better person. I am an engineer because tinkering with computers is the other thing I do when my time is my own, and I’ve been doing it for nearly as long as writing. I’m a friendly tigress; I’m part of the furry subculture and writing furry smut is my major hobby — I flatter myself that I’m fairly good at it.

I am gradually cultivating a design sense in myself and I’ve gotten to the point where bad design, especially bad UX, is almost impossible to ignore. I am a negotiator: negotiation and communication skills are not just important in the human experience, they’re meta-important, they can make everything else better. I am a speculator: I dig science fiction and its kin, and thinking about the shapes that the future might take. I am a kinkster: sex is about shared joy and exploration and interesting transgressions.

I am a creator and I believe that everyone else should be too. There are many things in the world that it’s worth your time to consume, but you should never chase so many of them that you create nothing at all. Build, create, and share.